In-Person & Virtual Visits

We offer a Virtual Visit model for new and existing clients, 
as well as in-person services, by appointment only.

The Arizona Behavioral Health Associates, P.C. & Psychotherapy.Com are committed to the health and safety of our community. Consistent with our longstanding motto of 'Creating a healthy environment for change...' we want to update you regarding our proactive measures to respond to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We currently offer Virtual Visits, as well as In-Person services, for both new and existing clients. This model allows us to offer our services confidentially, conveniently and safely. Local residents can benefit from a hybrid model of both in-person and online visits maximizing convenience.

We have partnered with Google for over 10 years to provide Virtual Visits through a HIPAA compliant telepractice solution. Recent guidance from most major insurers indicates our services will continue to be eligible for the same reimbursement when delivered virtually. Please check with your insurance provider if you have specific concerns. As always, we will continue to submit all claims for you.

We will utilize a online client portal and Google Meet as ways to provide services to you.

We will schedule appointments and have you use our online portal to fill out and submit paperwork by clicking here. You will be directed to utilize the Telehealth App or an email or text link to connect with your therapist.

Here are instructions for connecting with your therapist for a scheduled Virtual Visit:

Using a desktop or laptop computer
If you plan to use a desktop or laptop, there is nothing to download prior to your appointment.

Here are the steps to join: 
(please add and  to your contact list and check your spam folder to ensure you receive your link to join)

About 10 minutes before your appointment, you will receive an email appointment reminder with the link to join your call. Please note that the link to join the Telehealth call may only be in your email reminder and not in your text reminder, depending on your privacy settings. If you are set up to receive text reminders, the exact time you receive your text reminder may vary based on your cell phone carrier. Note: If you have already consented to receiving text and/or email reminders, you will continue to receive them for Telehealth appointments as well. If you are a new client, make sure that you've provided your email and or mobile phone number so that we can enable email or text appointment reminders for you.

Click the unique link embedded in the email reminder. You may have to copy and paste the link into your web browser if clicking the link does not work. Your video call screen will now open in a new tab. If our staff has already joined the call, you will see your therapist our our scheduling staff’s face on your screen. If they have not joined, you will see yourself. You will also see the Welcome prompt. Click Test internet connection to test your internet speed. When you are ready, type your name where it says Enter your name to join, and click Join Video Call. This will take you straight into the video call.

Using a smartphone or tablet
If you plan to use a mobile device, here are the steps to join:

Download Telehealth for iOS or Telehealth for Android . About 10 minutes before your appointment, you should receive an email appointment reminder.

Open the reminder email on your device and click the unique link. This will open the Telehealth app. If you don't have the app downloaded, you will be prompted to download it on your tablet or mobile device.

If your therapist has already joined the call, you will see their face on the screen. If they have not, you will see yourself.

When you are ready, click Join Video Call. This will take you straight into the video call.

Note: There may be a slight delay for your therapist to join the appointment if they are finishing with a previous appointment. Please be patient, and they will join momentarily. If your therapist has not joined within 5 minutes of your appointment time, please call our office at (928) 774-7997 for assistance.

We have found the best results are obtained over dedicated and stable Wi-Fi or Ethernet based connections. Please ensure you have a quiet, private environment for the duration of your session. Just like when you have a regular visit in our office, using the restroom prior to your visit, having water available and having taken prescribed medication as directed, ensures you get the full benefit of your time with your therapist. Having a box of tissues available may be helpful. All persons in the room should be visible to the camera or if using a phone, the presence of others in the session must be made clear to your therapist.

Google Meet is supported by most web browsers including Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.  Internet Explorer users will need to download and install this plugin.Please download the appropriate App and/or configure your browser microphone and video permissions prior to your virtual visit.

For iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), download Meet here. Download Telehealth for iOS app here.

For Android devices, download Meet here. Download Telehealth for Android app here.

If you have any difficulty accessing your virtual visit or technical concerns, please call our office at (928) 774-7997, and we will walk you through the process.

Please note, we provide services exclusively to Arizona based or International residents. Psychologicial servcies are also available to residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia. You will be asked to provide verification of your location and contact information before starting your session; ethical practice requires us to reasonably provide emergency referrals should the need arise.

In general, crisis resources we would refer to would include:
Crisis Response Network
Flagstaff Medical Center Emergency Room
Northern Arizona University Police Department
Your local Emergency Room

Here's how a virtual visit with our office happens:
Call our office at (928) 774-7997 to schedule a virtual visit or email us at You can also request an appointment here.
We also offer secure and non-secure text options to assist in scheduling and to provide updates regarding services.

We will provide our next available appointment based on our knowledge of your scheduling preferences and send you an invite via email or your preferred method of communication. This invite will come from or and will contain a link with all the details needed to access your virtual appointment from your phone, tablet or computer. We will require you to confirm this appointment 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Once initial demand for services stabilizes, we will likely provide additional online scheduling options for you to self-schedule.

When your virtual visit begins, you will initially be connected to our scheduling staff who will confirm your understanding of the limitations of the virtual visit, and verify we have an electronic communication acknowledgment, informed consent and payment authorization on file, and answer non-therapeutic questions. This (and only this part) may be recorded as documentation that a session has been initiated should it be required by your insurance company. We will also schedule your next appointment, to ensure we have reserved time for your ongoing care. Scheduling staff will drop from the video/call when your therapist joins the session. Your session will then begin with your therapist. At the conclusion of your session session, if you need to make changes to your next scheduled appointment, contact our office at (928) 774-7997.

For Northern Arizona residents who require or prefer in office treatment, we also offer a hybrid model of delivery of services (in person, virtual or a combination of the two). For your safety, our safety, and the safety of our community, we are committed to decreasing potential transmission through strict hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing protocols. The spacing of our therapy and waiting rooms promote adequate physical distancing, as do our separate entry and exits. We have installed HEPA filtration in each of our therapy offices and Medical Grade MERV-13 filtration has been added to our HVAC systems. During periods of high prevalance we will not make in person appointments and will direct clients to schedule a Virtual Visit for continuing care.

Clients are required to follow the following procedures to be seen in person. Clients with flu-like symptoms or known exposure or travel to COVID-19 hotspots within the last 14 days must schedule a virtual visit at Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early for your appointment. We encourage you to leave personal items in your car or at home if possible. Visitors accompanying clients are limited to the guardian/parents of a minor or an interpreter if necessary. Clients, visitors, and staff are required to wear a mask while in our waiting room. If you do not have a mask, a disposable mask will be provided to you. Upon entering our office, immediately use hand sanitizer provided to the right of our door. Temperatures will be checked via remote infrared thermometer. If you, or anyone with you, has a temperature above 99.5°F, you will not be seen, and instead will be scheduled for a virtual visit. You may be required to wear a mask during your session with your therapist. Staff will be available to discuss payment issues and schedule your next appointment prior to your session. We have several contactless payment options. Payment via physical cards, checks or cash is strongly discouraged, and we will attempt to bill your card on file during your session. Receipts will only be available via email or text. You will be prompted to wash your hands for 30 seconds before beginning your therapy session. At the end of your session, you will be encouraged to sanitize your hands before leaving. All clients are required to exit through the designated Exit door.

We appreciate your understanding, and please remember, we are here to support you, and will continue to help create a healthy environment for change.

Please find further information from the American Psychological Association on ways to manage your stress in these difficult times.

Questions & Answers

Who do we see?

Every day people with everyday problems. Anyone with a desire to make changes in their life and in the lives of others. We help children, adolescents, adults and families. We have extensive experience across the lifespan, serving those from 2 to 102!

Why do people come to us?

Family/Relationship Problems
Addictions/Substance Abuse
Anger Management
Legal Matters
Life Changes
Parenting Issues
Postpartum Mood Disorders
Career Planning
School Problems

Eating Disorders
Crisis Situations
Attentional Problems
Personal and Professional Growth
Anxiety, Stress or Hypertension
Relationship Issues
Chronic Pain or Headaches
Chronic Illness
Traumatic Brain Injury
Problems at Work
Grief and Loss
Evaluation and Assessment

How do we help?

We provide a safe, caring, and confidential environment to discuss your problems. We guide you and your family based on our extensive professional experience to develop long term coping strategies; we do not offer a ‘quick fix’ for problems. We primarily rely on Cognitve Behavioral Therapy, a time tested, evidinced based, research supported, and scientifically validated method for changing thoughts, behaviors and feelings.

How does someone get help? 

The first step is to let someone know you want help. If you are considering making changes, contact the Arizona Behavioral Health Associates at (928) 774-7997 to set up a free, confidential appointment.


Credit Cards

We accept all major credit and debit cards and offer a very limited number of sliding scale fees. Appointments are available during normal business hours. Evening, Weekend, and Early Morning Appointments are sometimes available for established clients. Online and Virtual Appointments are also flexible to meet your needs.

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Our offices are conveniently located at 710 N. Beaver Street, BLDG 4, Flagstaff, AZ 86001-3139. We are approximately 5 blocks south of the Flagstaff Medical Center in the Flagstaff Doctors’ Village Complex. On street parking is available on Beaver and Sullivan Streets, and we also have a large, dedicated, off street parking lot accessible from Leroux Street. Our parking and facilities are handicap accessible. We also have bicycle racks directly across from our main entrance for your use.

If you need more detailed directions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (928) 774-7997.

Public Transportation: Our offices are also conveniently located just across the street from Stop 27 (Stop Code 68) on the Blue Route of Flagstaff’s Mountain LineClick here for the Blue Route 2 schedule. Click here for a live route map. Peak hour service is currently every 20 minutes for Stop 27.

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