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Web Site Privacy Practices

We respect your privacy and toward that purpose, maintain our website by the following principles:
You do not need to disclose personal information to use the Psychotherapy.Com web site. No such information is obtained about you unless you choose to submit it to us. For example, if you email us your comments, you are identified by your email address. If you request an appointment with a therapist, a limited number of administrators and health care providers will see this information and use it to arrange care where appropriate. Individuals who access this information do so as a part of their specific job responsibility and do so only for the purposes of treatment, payment or health care operations.

We have made reasonable efforts to ensure that the information you may provide is confidential and not personally identifiable. You should understand, however, that we cannot guarantee that electronic transmissions via the internet are 100% secure from interception, and thus we cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of this information.

The web server used by Psychotherapy.Com collects and saves the default information customarily logged by World Wide Web server software. Our logs contain the following information for each request: date and time, originating IP address and domain name (the unique address assigned to your internet service provider's computer that connects to the internet), object requested (meaning which pages were viewed), and completion status of the request (how many total pages were viewed). We use these logs to help improve our service by evaluating the "traffic" to our site in terms of number of unique visitors, level of demand, most popular page requests, and types of errors. These logs may be kept for an indefinite amount of time, used at any time and in any way necessary to prevent security breaches and to ensure the integrity of the data on our servers.

Except for authorized law enforcement investigations or other valid legal processes, we will not share any information we receive with any parties outside of the Arizona Behavioral Health Associates, P.C. or its affiliated organizations such as Psychotherapy.Com